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Why pH 5.5 Matters
Why pH 5.5 Matters

PH value; It is a measure used to distinguish acids from bases and measure their strength.

   As a result of measurements made with modern methods, it has been revealed that the average pH value of the skin is 5.5. This measured value is produced by the acidic substances found in the skin (sweat, sebum and skin cells).

  The function of the acidic property of the skin has been explained by the term "protective acid cover". Mission; to protect the skin against harmful microorganisms, harmful effects of the environment, infection, allergy, irritation and dryness. Therefore, the most important expectation in skin care and cleaning is the continuation of the protective acid cover.

    In skin cleaning with alkaline products with high pH; The protective acid with an average pH of 5.5 removes the mantle. The pH of the skin changes and it takes time to reach pH 5.5 again. During this period, the skin remains unprotected against bacteria and fungi.

    Antioch's Verdaa products, with its pH value of 5.5, provide a healthy skin cleansing without damaging the protective acid cover of the skin. While it cleans the pores deeply without irritating the skin, it prevents the skin from drying out by losing moisture as it does not change the pH of the skin, protects the skin against bacteria and fungi, and ensures the continuation of the skin's natural protection functions.